Workshop Summaries

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Workshop Descriptions

Managing Stress

In our world of constant “connection,” many of us feel disconnected from ourselves and others. Experiencing stress is a fact of life. It is a naturally occurring part of our being.

  • Do you have sleepless nights?
  • Are you wondering “What happened to my energy?”
  • How often do you think you will never finish everything that is before you right now?
  • Have you been sick more frequently?

In this interactive workshop, you will…

  • Gain four “use it today” skills to combat physical stress.
  • Identify and reduce the hidden power of your internal reflexes that trigger stress.
  • Begin to develop strategies to build personalized buffer zones to protect yourself.
  • Learn three powerful techniques to immediately calm your mind.


Emotional Freedom Technique –EFT – Tapping

Do you have people or situations in your life that make you freeze?
Is it time to approach them in a different way?
Learn an easy, new way to care for yourself!

Tapping is a coping skill for dealing with anxiety and change in our lives. EFT is a way to reduce stress immediately by lightly tapping on acupressure points. When combined with spoken phrases, we can shift our thoughts and focus in new directions.

After a Tapping workshop, you will:

  • Know physical points that calm you
  • Visualize stressors and hopes and dreams in a fresh way
  • Breathe more freely –be peaceful


Clutter Control

Help –I think I’m a Packrat!!! My stuff is getting in the way of my life!

Is clutter keeping you from living the way you desire?
Are you always shifting your “stuff” from one place to another?

In this two hour, interactive, GUILT FREE, workshop you will have fun while learning:

  • The number one reason why it is hard to let go of things.
  • Three ways to go home and immediately start letting go of clutter.
  • How to overcome the pain of being overwhelmed.
  • A simple four step approach to getting started and keep moving.


Leaning Towards Balance

Do you find yourself being “off center” or “out of balance”?
How often are you being pulled in many directions by so many forces?
Are you wishing that you could just escape?

We are created as mind, body and spirit – all parts interconnected. When one of these
areas is off balance, as happens so often, the others start to lean.

In this mind, body, spirit workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice three physical movements that restore balance
  • Learn breathing techniques that calm mind, body, spirit
  • Identify your personal list of what feeds you emotionally, spiritually and physically
  • Become aware of the secret strategy to keep yourself from imbalance

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These workshops can be adapted to fit a time format of
anywhere from thirty minutes to two hour presentations.
Workshops can also be combined for a entire day seminar and
can be customized to suit your setting.

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