Untangling the Knots of Caregiving

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Caregivers often feel overwhelmed, alone, stressed, tired and numb. Many are in survival mode, on autopilot, mechanically moving through the day. Feeling powerless to live their own lives, sacrificing their own health and well-being to take care of someone else, and often give up on happiness.

If you fit any of the categories below, you are considered a caregiver and have the potential of acquiring: Compassion Fatigue, sometimes referred to as Caregiver Burnout or Caregiver Syndrome.

  1. Caregiver for a family member who may be experiencing a physical or mental health illness (This would include family members or friends who have some role in caring –including a role as emotional support)
  2. All Parents
  3. Individuals whose jobs include regular contact with those who are experiencing some kind of trauma –such as teachers, social workers, health care providers, clergy
  4. It is not possible to be intimately involved in the lives of others and not be affected. We absorb into our hearts and minds and bodies, the pain, fear, and hopelessness that surrounds us. The good news is there is help for you!

So what are you waiting for  – let’s get started!

Take a few minutes to answer these questions and see if any apply to you:

Sometimes I feel like I am losing myself
Something must be wrong with me because other people do the same thing and don’t “go under or complain”
Sometimes I want to just run away/disappear –not have anyone need me
I should be grateful for the chance to do this work
I’m not trying hard enough; I don’t care enough. If I did, things would be easier for me
I’m flawed, I don’t have the compassion gene –or maybe it got used up
I am overwhelmed to the point where I am flailing and failing
I have to do this, no one else can
I am tired
I am overwhelmed
I am stressed
I feel numb
I just make it through the day
I feel alone

If you have checked any of the boxes you are a caregiver who requires help to learn how to live your own life while honoring your gift to take care of others. We can help with these simple tools and help you to find not only peace and happiness but to find joy in your caregiving role.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]